“The Tsunami in Me” by Acclaimed Horror Novelist Deno Sandz 

“The Tsunami in Me” 

by #Acclaimed Horror Novelist Deno Sandz 
Everyday there’s a struggle in me to turn the tides of my life.  The innocent nature of waves that crash against my soul becomes at some point a battering ram that shakes my inner foundation, unexpected at times, when the mood of my season is calm.  Endure…endure I speak to myself on the mental shores of perpetual thought.  Melodies from my ocean of dark dreams; is lightened by the native son of my ancestors embedded in a distance of hope embracing me.  My reality rears its pilgrimage symbol; a fictional birth mark at an age of transgression into a full mental jacket of sorrow, disbelief, and fear.
Metaphorically, I feel that the power of a Tsunami rages in me; shifting me and placing me in a hypocritical consciousness, a caring pause of religious doubt, a shadow with shapes that are not mine, a knee that does not kneel, and a like without liking.
The fallacy that there’s a thin line between love and hate, has no true reverence.  However, there’s an invisible line between me and I that battles each other’s true substance.  The nature of a Tsunami is to destroy, but I shall rise higher than the waves of tribulation and sing loud to the harmony of heaven’s orchestra…to endure.  Endure until peace comes after the storm.  I wait for the peace to reveal itself, remembering that it only rained forty days and forty nights and then the sun showed its face.  And there was a new beginning.  “A Tsunami, no more.”


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