Finally, a release decision!!! From international acclaimed novelist

COMING 2017…with simple cover.

Deno Sandz escapes from his mental literary peonage of his other fictional supernatural horror novels.

Creating a biblical interpretation hidden from the protagonist,  as well as, a fictional horror  that stems from the two lines of creation.


A genealogist (Seth Simmons) who researches family’s’ origin has a visit from a mysterious man named (Cain Nod) who arrives at his office unannounced willing to pay a great deal of money to know his family’s  origin.

However, unbeknown to (Seth Simmons) his job, life, and soul would be in turmoil, as he stumbles across demonic spirits and situations in the pursuit of this mysterious man’s origin that extends across states never realizing the reason for these encounters and the true visit from (Cain Nod) until the very end.