“The Reality of Evil” “Streets Paved by Hell” “Unwavering Fear” “Shock Provoking” “Suspenseful Horrifying” “An Emotional Soul Ride to Damnation” “Bloodcurdling Horror” “Fiction Unpredictable” “A Story of Redemption”

             “THE SIN CUP” 

                    by Deno Sandz

Thrust in to a bloodline of savagery, drugs, evil, hustling, and murder. In a city of horrific realities, inside a world of true shadowy evils: Belive, since before birth would have to deal with the sins of his father, unknowingly being watched and manipulated by  demons to follow the thorniest path of his father. Soon, Belive’s soul is consumed and inevitably is tricked in to drinking from the SIN CUP.

Belive T. End reaches five years old when his father; Terrence End aka Ranke, a big time ruthless gangster/drug dealer boss on the streets of East Cleveland’s Row House projects, mysteriously disappeared on the night of his 21st birthday leaving Belive and his mother Shayla Solis alone in the unforgiving and evil hood that Ranke built. Soon the money, power, and Ranke’s name in the hood would fade and others would take control-forcing Shayla to take care of Belive on her own and move to another area in the city.