by Deno Sandz



War shank visions

For I see no wonders of this world

Ripples in a pond

On a bayou spawn

Cliché of gray

Of an oyster stolen pearl

A duly noted confession

Under a tainted moon’s yarn


Thrills of fantasy

Though eternity’s real

Seldom puzzled

By a teardrop so cold

Riddles never solved

For the meaning is never revealed

With every tick of the clock

Our time is bought then sold


To the wind caution seek

Of a subconscious path

Seven days to rebirth

Melody so sweet

Jester of the court

Behold I do laugh

Imagines in the clouds

On a rainy day we meet


The sand embedded with footsteps

Rage war with the sea

Such is a soul

Torn down by envy

For there is no fork

Without its road