Teaching and Preaching


There are a few women preachers on the rise that has proclaimed Jesus Christ and has struggled for years to be heard and respected as literary scribes in the pulpit.  These women preachers with a common center for literary thought understands clearly that the foundation of black literature derives from the church and its mortar is laid secretly in the bible.  Preaching so literarily powerful ignites a dynamic spirit disruption that can only be written down before vocalized to a congregation eager to listen. 

The liberation of female preachers’ here in Chicago can only be described or characterized as a literary phenomenon, having in my opinion an outer body experience; a calling per say. Not only at the podium, but at their conclave of thought and prayer of being passed over because of their gender, knowing passionately they too should be able to spread the gospel by penning literary sermons.

Several weeks ago on the day of rest, Reverend Dr. Nancy Sanders invited me to bare witness to her artistic literary art as a woman preacher in Chicago. Her literary flow of biblical knowledge and prideful rhetoric blended with a liberation attitude of black women preachers’ segregation of the past and present from the pulpit, showed me that the female preacher’s theological literature is a champion for the saved person and the person steadfast at the fork on their own spiritual path.  This sermon captured my spirit as a man, having me appreciate women’s lib and its religious impact on a traditional premise.