A SOUTHERN NIGHTMARE Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare
Deon C. Sanders (Deno Sandz)
Trade paperback
$19.95 list  
ISBN: 158851837X
168 pages  
January 2001 
AmErica House Book Publishers(PublishAmerica)
230 E. Patrick St. Fredericks, Maryland 21701

takes place in a rural black community in the deep South, where there
is a myth of a woman who is the most terrifying female creature ever
unleashed in this world. The evil’s origination to this world starts when
Miss Mary Weather goes insane after giving birth to her deformed child.
She commits suicide on her front porch by slashing her wrists under the
moonlight. As she journeys to hell, an evil spirit inhabits her soul. Thinking
these stories are merely folk tales, the protagonist, Will first encounters the
evil woman at the age of nine.  A battle between good and evil ensues as
he utilizes all of his wits and intelligence through his childhood, young adulthood,
college, and finally adulthood.    When he battles the immortal Miss Mary
Weather in reality and wins, he continues his life.  The feeling of her evil spirit
being around descends and disappears as the years roll on, until Will”s son has
a dream that predicts that Miss Mary Weather has not been destroyed.