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"If a writers work is to be read, the writer too must be read" Deno Sandz

#READ, #IMAGINE, and #PREPARE for what comes next in the story!!!      PART #1
    “UpRISING” by Deno Sandz 
A “To Be Continued” #Supernatural #Horror Story of Fiction

Now, before time existed in the minds of humans. The Kingdom of Hell; another world under earth was alive and functioning under the command and leadership of Satan. 
It’s said that at that time of the birth of Satan’s son. They placed him in Satan’s hands. Then, Satan spoke his name, “Gabol,” shaking the foundation of hell.
Now, during the course of over a thousand centuries of Satan’s reign. Human civilizations were created on earth and Satan’s son had grown into a man.
Inside the halls of lost souls, Gabol the only son of Satan walked slowly to the throne where the King of Hell rested quietly in thought.


While standing in front of the throne of his father inside the castle. Intense torches engulfed with moaning souls aligned the walls; the floors were of ivory, inverted crucifixes  made of gold and bone suspended from the ceiling, nine beautiful wenches, eyes of fire rested around the sovereignty, thirty soldiers with 666 burning across their chest, and two dragons settled on each side of the throne. Satan’s face was so beautiful it had a radiant glow.
Gabol started to tell his father of his journey to earth for the last two years in earth time, and that he had fell madly in love with a beautiful Christian woman and his child would soon be born. Satan’s disappointment in Gabol raged in his soul as one flaming tear fell from his eye because he knew the outcome.
Finally, Satan calmed down, slowly stood, and walked to the shimmering pillar in the far corner of the hall. He placed his hand on it and a hidden chamber opened to reveal a rectangle sheet of glass called the, “Translucent of God,” with words embedded on it sent to him by God after the battle in heaven. Satan beckoned Gabol to his side and tells him to read.     


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Year of the Clouds: Poetry from the inside

Horror does not sleep,It does not wake, It’s always for to seek,your soul to take,Aminute…#IAMDENOSANDZ #IAMHORRORFICTION

​Horror does not sleep,

It does not wake, 

It’s always for to seek,

your soul to take,




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